Internship seeker ingénieurs généralistes et spécialisé en ingénieurs d'affaires ESIGELEC Saint-Etienne Du Rouvray Cedex on

Stage de technicien a l'étranger

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Date of last connection: 2012-05-09
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Mr. Sh... TH...
93700 Drancy

Prepared job(s): : Je prépare actuellement un diplôme d'ingénieur d'affaires mais j 'ai une formation technique en électronique et la télécommunication


School: ESIGELEC 76801 Saint-Etienne Du Rouvray Cedex

Education level: ingénieurs généralistes et spécialisé en ingénieurs d'affaires 3rd year
Ingénieurs généralistes et spécialisé en ingénieurs d'affaires
Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : +2
Last diploma : BTS Systèmes électroniques
Current educational level : +5
Prepared job(s): : Je prépare actuellement un diplôme d'ingénieur d'affaires mais j 'ai une formation technique en électronique et la télécommunication

Duration of the internship: entre deux et six mois
Beginning of the internship:
2012-04-01 2013-01-01
Full-time Yes
Study-work program Yes
Geographical mobility from your place of residence : 100Km >> ...


Known Tools / Software/ Methods : microsoft office ( word, excel, power point ...), Photoshop, fruity loops

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences : permis B,

Languages :
French : Fluent
Tamil : Native
English : Intermediate

Cover letter

Dear Mrs, Mr,

am currently in my fifth year of a 5-year Master’s degree in telecommunication
and networks in apprenticeship at SIKATEL located in La Courneuve (France) and,
as a part of
my course my school offers me the opportunity to do a 2 to 6 month internship
in a foreign country.

September 2006, I have been an apprentice in telecommunication and networks in
France and I have worked for many projects in Wi-fi (White zone covering, New
network for schools, shopping complexes and companies), maintenance of ADSL and
SDSL networks.

am looking for an internship in order to improve my English, share and extend
my technical knowledge. I am ready to work in several fields in your company
like in the research, telecommunication, marketing and production departments
or even in maintenance services... I will be available for work at the beginning of April 2012.

Working for your company would enable me to improve my
English and develop personal initiative through the different tasks you could
entrust me with. I would welcome the opportunity to gain valuable experience in
such a reputable company as yours.

I am very motivated because I seriously get involved
in the projects I start. I
am confident that my sense of organization, my team spirit, my dual culture and
my desire to learn could be major assets for this internship.

I thank you in
advance for considering my placement request.

If you require any further information, you can
contact me at the above address or number.




Currently: Completing third year of
higher education in electrical engineering at ESIGELEC, Rouen.

(Graduate School of

2006-2009: BTS associate degree –
two years technical degree in electronics systems at IFA Delorozoy and Lycée

Dorian (high School and training

2005-2006: HNC (High National Degree) - one year
technical degree GEII (Electrical science and industrial IT) –

IUT of Cachan(University).

2003-2005: FHD (French high-school
diploma) specialized in electrical

2002-2003: SLD (School-leaving
diploma) specialized in electrical systems.


Design office in telecommunications and networks - Sikatel (in work
study during the engineering


-Project in renewal of
Wi-Fi the installation for hotels in the group Accord
(Formule1 and Etap hotels)

- Design and deployment of video surveillance, access controls, alarms for Bostik.

2006-2009: Technician
in networks and telecommunication – Sikatel (in work study during
the BTS ES)

- Installation of VoIP and data router

- Troubleshooting of ADSL and SDSL lines
for individuals and professionals

Exercised during periods of school holidays and week-ends

2000-2005: Seller / Technician in the mobile phone – Phone
2000, Security Officer – Group
4 Falck,

Seller - C&A, Cook / Waiter / Delivery man in the Italian and Indian restaurants.


Technical: Repairs
in the mobile, knowledge
of IT (work, excel, Photoshop...) electronics and electricity, building works, plumbing, installation of VoIP and data router
and Troubleshooting of ADSL and SDSL lines, HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point)”AMR in
French(analyse et maîtrise des risques)”.

Human: Good interpersonal skills, ability to
take initiative, responsibility, autonomy, sense of animation;

Languages: English: reading,

Tamil: Native


Spanish: Notion


Martial Arts, Music,
Dance (HIP HOP), Holiday, Cinema, Basket Ball.

Manager and host of a youth
association in Paris.
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